Inner peace comes from the inside and the inside only

Looking for Inner Peace to Get Creative? 3 Ways to Get Going

As a creative writer, I’m always looking for places where I can have inner peace and feel inspired to write.

I knew I had to create space and peace for me in order to write. And the only way I knew how was to fix my outer world, hoping that when I have outer peace, I would also have inner peace.

What’s the difference between inner peace and outer peace? Shouldn’t one lead to another?

Yes, but we often get it the wrong way.

If we have inner peace, it’ll certainly lead to outer peace. But not the other way around.

Your choice of peaceful places may include the beach or a resort. It’s usually somewhere you have full permission to lounge around and do nothing.

My idea of a peaceful place is similar, except a little colder and covered in snow.

I was on an excursion in Iceland, to the middle-of-nowhere volcano land. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The serenity, the purity, and the silence. There were mountains, snow, volcano rock, natural hot spring… and a hut.

I chose this excursion because I wanted to create peace. I didn’t think it can get any more peaceful than that. I could be dead out there and nobody would know until the snow melts… which is about 4 months later.

While the outside seems to be as peaceful as it could get, I didn’t get the inner peace I was hoping for.

There was peace and quiet around me, but I still didn’t feel inspired to write.

Inner peace doesn’t come from the outside. It comes from the inside, and the inside only. The only way I could find inner peace is to connect to myself.

The magic about finding inner peace is by some form of communication with my inner being. I don’t actually need to be in a specific place, or even a quiet place. Here are 3 things I do to help find inner peace and get the creativity going.

1. Meditation

You may think this is obvious. But for me, I’m sort of a slacker when it comes to meditation. I try to meditate daily, but I don’t have a set amount of time, or even a set time to do it. I do it when I feel tired or stuck. In fact, I try to be efficient by combining self Reiki treatment, meditation, and sometimes a nap. So meditation for me is like an emergency call — I don’t necessarily sit down and dedicate myself to it unless I need it. The good news is, whenever I need it, it works like a charm.

2. Writing

How ironic! What connects me to myself is the act of writing. I just have to sit down and start typing. It’s “word diarrhea” sometimes. One paragraph doesn’t flow to the next; one sentence doesn’t even flow to the next. But it gets me going, it gets me connecting to me, instead of thinking and going around in circles inside my head.

Nobody has to see what I write, until I want to show them. As it turns out, one place where I find inner peace now, is on the New York City subway. There is nothing peaceful about that place. I can still sit down and start typing on my phone. That’s where the magic happens, instead of the most peaceful place on earth. By the way, this post was mostly written on the 1 train.

3. Walking

Not the type of walking when I’m trying to get somewhere, but the aimless wandering type of walking. I especially like to have a partner when I do this, but even without one, I walk around the park and talk to myself. Instead of typing or writing things down, this is literally mouth diarrhea. I take out my phone and start dictating everything that comes out of my mouth. The point is not to dictate a perfect post while I walk. The point is to get the creative juices flowing and get the words on paper, or screen.

These are just 3 of the ways where I find enough inner peace and quiet for me to start writing and creating.

I want to hear from you. What are your ways? Comment below to show me some love.

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  1. Great article Mandy!

    I like the idea of walking and just recording whatever you speak. I can see how that would be creative. Reminds me of how writers (and business owners) often say they keep a pad by their bed and write down anything that comes to mind even dreams.

    Definitely I keep hearing about the power of meditation. I have focused since last October of having a morning ritual that starts with meditation. I used to think I had to meditate for an hour. But now I do mostly 15 minutes and then after recite 2 scriptures, pray, repeat my mantras and journal. I can definitely tell the difference when I miss a couple of days in a row.

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