creating the perfect experience in life

Creating the Perfect Experience in Life

I don’t plan for much, except for plane tickets and hotel reservations. I don’t aim for much, except for enjoying my life from one day to the next. I stopped stressing about the fact that I don’t have my shit together, it’s always perfect and I wouldn’t be able to plan for it even if I try.
I really don’t do much, except for pursuing my wild heart’s desires with no end in sight.

I’ve tried to live the way society has told me to live – get good grades, get a good job, go for the American dream, and save for retirement.

I checked all the right boxes and got everything I’ve ever wanted. But it felt nothing but suffocating – on the outside it was shiny and glamorous, on the inside it was a prison and I was dying an accelerated death.

How much I work, how much I plan, how much I accomplish, or how cool are the things I do… none of those things matters.

What matters is being true to myself, and following my heart one step at a time.

And that’s how I create the perfect experience in life. When I’m being true to myself, magical moments happen all day long, big and small. The question is whether I want to see the truth in them.

The truth is that there’s a force in you, it moves you, it drives you, it makes you want to do things, and it tells you exactly what your next step is. Call it intuition, inner guidance, flow, whatever it is that you want. That is your life force, and it’s connected to all things infinite and powerful. Our logic can’t explain it, our rational minds can’t understand it. But we can feel it, we can feel it in our bodies when it moves.

And that’s how I live today.I listen to that feeling inside, I take it one step at a time, and I trust it like there’s no tomorrow.

I trust that whatever experience I’m supposed to have, it will happen regardless of how you label it or how you plan for it, or not.

It can happen in the smallest way – like airport security magic. I have been traveling with TSA precheck since it existed, and I thought it was the only way to go through the airport with dignity without having to strip everything off. Last week I didn’t get precheck, I said out loud: “Aw that sucks!” That was the end of my reaction.

I got to the airport early and gave myself more time. I got on the regular line that was looping around the airport. Contrary to how I thought it would happen, the line was continuously moving. Within 5 minutes I was at the top of the line, I was told to put my computer back in and keep my sweater and shoes on. It was different, but the experience I got was exactly the same as going through a precheck line. I didn’t have to strip off anything, or take out anything. I didn’t get the label of TSA precheck, but I got the experience of it.

Everything else in my life is the same way.
I don’t have the label of “I’ve made it.” But I live a life that’s made it. I have a business that is constantly evolving, no business plan, working 10-20 hours a week, and traveling 3 months a year. The rest of my life involves playing with the cutest puppy on earth, making ceramics and getting myself covered in clay, painting my dreams, going to yoga class in the middle of the day, climbing things and going upside down, and mostly treating myself as a science experiment subject.

It all comes back to one thing, I trust the feeling that moves me. I trust that if I just follow it one day at a time, it’ll turn out.

It may be uncertain and unpredictable, but it’ll be more than ok, it’ll be perfect and amazing and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

I see the universe (and airport) conspires to show me the perfect experience. An experience of losing TSA precheck status is just to show me that I don’t need the label to have the experience.

I live life trusting that my experience will be perfect, no matter what.

And I choose to see the magic in everyday life, and my life as a result is magical.

What if I’m crazy and totally wrong? If I find out at the end of my life that it was all a mistake, well… I had a damn amazing life, and I’m ok with that.

Are you willing to be a little crazy to create the perfect experience in life? Share in the comment below.

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