Ready to dive into an
Epic Love Affair with Life?





Do you feel something inside of you is BEGGING to come out? Something that’s hoping you’ll say HELL YES to making a huge shift in your life?

Is it louder than anything that money can buy? Drowning out the satisfaction you get from that big promotion and shiny new title? Making what you worked so hard to build in your life feel more and more like a prison everyday?

Has the call for this revolution become so intense you can’t ignore it any longer? (And does the alternative feel like a slow and painful death?!)

Well, allow me to introduce you to – the REAL you. She’s the one you’ve been pushing away, year after year, in an attempt to live the happy, peaceful life you were promised.

Because here’s the thing… the more we run away from the person we truly are, the greater our chances of never being happy and never figuring out what we want.

When we lose ourselves, we lose everything – our ability to do what we love, to connect with our intuition, and to feel that sweet, sweet peace and freedom that every human on this planet deserves to feel.

The hard part is realizing you want more. And if you’re reading this – you’re already there (NICE!). Now comes the fun part – the part where you get to find her, ignite that spark that’s aching to come alive, and finally live the life you’re meant to live.





I had it all – the 6-figure corporate job, the supportive husband, two master’s degrees, a killer resume, the house, the fancy vacations, the name brand clothes and purses, you name it. On the outside, I had “made it.”

But on the inside I felt empty. Because DEEP DOWN something was missing. Something huge. I wasn’t happy.

The world had lost its color, and everything felt so pointless, mundane, and BLAH. I was constantly wondering what the fuck I was doing with my life. I felt stuck and alone, and I knew if things didn’t change that life wasn’t worth living. I was ready to throw everything away, including my own life.

The hardest part was I felt like nothing was working. I tried everything I could get my hands on – meditation, coaching, sister circles, and more self development programs that I can count. They worked for a short period of time, and then I was back to exactly where I was.

I finally decided there was NOTHING else for me to lose and I embarked on a mission to say yes to anything that showed up. What showed up next was more than anything I could have possibly dreamed. I was able to create a life I truly LOVED – a concept that was completely foreign to me before doing this work. I finally felt ALIVE inside. For the first time in my life I was bigger than the fear, and I felt excited to get out of bed each morning. I finally knew myself, what I wanted, and how to get it.

And it all came down to one thing – knowing who I TRULY am, in a world that is constantly trying to make me something else.





If you’re anything like I used to be, you’re crippled by the fear of waking up 20 years from now regretting that you haven’t lived. Part of you thinks you will do this one day, but this is not the right time. You can try to convince yourself that it’s not that bad and it’s ok to wait, or you can take charge and make this YOUR life, NOW!

I became a clarity coach because I know the immense power this one-on-one, heart-to-heart coaching has to offer. And trust me when I say I had some BIG reservations before I started my own journey.

I was terrified that I would never be happy. After all, I’ve tried all these things already and none of it worked. What if I’m just broken and I can’t be fixed?

I was afraid to prove myself right , what if I’ll never be happy? What if I can never be passionate about life itself?

If all of this is ringing true to you, I urge you to click the button below to schedule your free 30-minute discovery session. You’ll get a taste of what coaching with me is like, and we’ll find out if we’re a good fit together. Because spaces are limited, I only work with people who are truly open to discovering a whole new way of living.


  • Brandy – New York, NY

    “You are an exceptionally intuitive human being and I absolutely love working with you! You helped guide me back home, to myself.

    I no longer fear being alone, and do not feel guilty for taking this time for myself as I have in the past. I am standing in my own power and accept where I am at in my life. I always felt there was something astray or missing, your coaching has confirmed what I felt was true and real. I am ready to live without fear and live in my body as the limitless being that I am.”





You know something has to change, but you don’t even know where to begin. When we work together you’ll get a direct experience and know exactly how to unearth the REAL you. And no – it’s not about fixing who you are, it’s about removing the clutter that has been getting in the way of you figuring out exactly who you are and what you want in life.


Your picture perfect life is great, but there’s just something missing. Is this it? Is this all there is to life? When you realize that you are on the right path and living the life you are meant to live, you’ll feel like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Kind of like that peaceful feeling from after a yoga class or massage, except you can take it with you everywhere.



Do you feel like you are dependent on your circumstance… you can’t do it now because of blah blah blah? You did not come to this earth to feel limited – by money, or expectations, or age, or ANYTHING. If you’re ready to live beyond the stuckness and limitations, let’s open you up to the infinite possibilities so you can experience more purpose in your everyday life.




Custom coaching is very different to traditional therapy in many ways, with the biggest being I’m going to spend less time talking about your problems and more time pushing you to own your life.

I’m going to be honest though – if you’re not willing to let me push your comfort zone, this kind of work probably won’t work for you. I only take on clients who I know have the desire to make big shifts, and big shifts can only happen when we leave our comfort zone.

No two paths are ever the same. When we work together I’ll whip up a custom made plan from my overflowing toolbox that will open you up to a WORLD of possibilities you’ve never even considered.

Let me take a wild guess – there’s a part of you wondering if you can do this alone. I mean, you’re a willful go-getter who has gotten this far on your own, why not keep it going? But trust me when I say – this is a journey you need to take with strong professional support.

And why do it alone? You don’t have anything to prove. You’re hard working and you’re successful in everything else in your life. What if, for once, you DIDN’T do it the hard way? If you’re curious to learn more about how coaching with me works, go ahead and click the button below to book your free discovery session.





Private Coaching Package Includes:

  • 12 x 1-Hour Sessions Spanning 6 Months. A total of 12 sessions conducted over video call. The first 8 sessions occur once a week for 8 weeks. The final 4 sessions occur once a month for 4 months.

  • Deep-Dive Session. In our first session together, we “deep dive” into all the junk and clutter that get in the way of “seeing” you. We’ll create a plan of action for the next 6 months.

  • Unlimited email support. Unlike traditional therapy, you’ll get unlimited email support and a deeper level of personal investment from me.

  • Quick Emergency Calls. Sometimes, things all go to shit no matter how hard you try. I’m here for quick support to help ground you and get you back on track.





Due to the intensity of this work, I limit the number of clients I take on at any given time. If you’re interested in working with me, apply by booking a free 30-minute discovery session. This session will give you a taste of what custom coaching can do for you and will allow us to find out if we’re a good fit.


  • Wendy – New York, NY

    “I had lost so much of myself that I didn’t know what life was worth living for anymore. Mandy helped me identify past wounds and question my current state of mind. With this coaching, I found the me that I had forgotten.”




You can’t see how it can happen, and you’ve tried all sorts of things. I know… I’ve been there, and I was just going to give up on what I wanted because I couldn’t figure see how else it can be. Can you trust that you have everything in you to make it happen? Sometimes the next step doesn’t show up until you have taken the first step. Your first step is to continue this conversation (click the button below). Can you trust your first step?
Those are definitely valid concerns. Sometimes we fail before we succeed, and as long as you keep trying, you still haven’t failed yet. Failing isn’t because you aren’t good enough, it’s because you’re not at the destination yet. Only you can judge whether you are good enough, let me ask you this… do you really think this voice inside would be screaming so loud if you aren’t good enough for it?
The reality is… you will never be ready. The only way to get started is to start before you’re ready!
You can continue to live life the way you’ve been doing it. How is it working out for you? What do you got to lose by having a conversation?
This is entirely up to you, because only you can take actions and live life differently. I am here to guide you and hold you accountable, but too much of the result depends on you, there is no guarantee. The flip side is, you have control over what you can do, and the sky is the limit!
Yes you can, you absolutely can! But is it easy? No. And I know that because I’ve been there. I can probably take another couple of years to figure it out by myself, but I didn’t want to struggle anymore. Not just any help, the right kind of help that will help me fall in love with life is priceless. I know you’re an overachiever and you’ve done a lot things on your own. But please, doing something new is hard enough, you don’t have to make it even harder for yourself!

  • Rita – Beirut, Lebanon

    “I was struggling with a lot of guilt in my life, and learning to not take everyday things in life personally has changed my life. I now understand, and accept myself.





You came here to live, to love, and to experience everything there is in FULL COLOR. You came here to feel alive inside, to feel those ecstasy moments when you finally understand why you’re here, what you want to do, and how you want to do it. You’re here to realize your infinite power and live the life you love.

And if you’re ready to discover what that is, I’m all in.