Emotional Shift that Saved My Marriage

The Emotional Shift That Saved My Marriage

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This article was originally published on mindbodygreen. I spent a long time reacting to anger rather than actually learning to deal with it healthily. Before I knew how to manage anger, my relationship was centered on the axis of a power struggle. Whoever yells the loudest wins. Whoever gets angrier gets what he or she wants. Finally learning how to …

Meaning is personal Its all about you and your perspective

What Does It Even Mean to Create Meaning in Life?!

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Do you want to create meaning in your life? Are you looking to do something meaningful and leave a mark in the world? I’m pondering on the question… do I want to create meaning for me, or for the world? Some people think art is meaningful — art makes people smile and connects us to our feelings. Music lifts us …

You are not alone Getting into a funk can happen to anyone

How to Snap Out of it When You’re in a Funk

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This article was originally posted on The Huffington Post. Do you have days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed? Getting into a funk can happen to anyone. Even when our lives are going well, there’s nothing wrong with it — we can still fall into one. I have a business that makes me excited, a husband …

We do it out of love We accept Money

Is It Realistic to Combine Work with Passion?

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If you think it’s impossible to combine work with passion, I invite you to a mindset shift today. I believe it’s absolutely possible… and is necessary! Not every passion can make money. Just being passionate in what you do isn’t enough — you have to be good at what you do and treat your passion as work. And you can’t …