Being Authentic Why You Should Care

Being Authentic: Why You Should Care?

I’m playing with the idea of what’s the point of being authentic this week.

Why do we even want that?

What do we lose when we aren’t being authentic? We lose ourselves.

When we lose ourselves, it’s easy to extrapolate everything else we lose. We lose the meaning in life, we don’t get what we want, we aren’t happy, and we aren’t living the life that we are meant to live.

This is especially true when we aren’t being authentic, to ourselves. You may already know this, that we can be pretty good liars to ourselves. And that’s the most dangerous form of inauthenticity, we are cheating ourselves of our lives.

I recently stopped eating sugar and flour. I told people that I’m on this new diet because I want to get rid of my sugar addiction, which I have no problem admitting to. When I was told to take pictures of myself and record my weight before I start, I wanted to screan inside. It freaked me out because I have not been on a scale for over 2 years.

At that moment, I realized I have not been honest with myself, since the day I shuffled the scale under the bed.

I knew I was gaining weight, but I brushed it off and said I’m fine. I knew my clothes weren’t fitting, but I brushed it off and bought new clothes a size bigger. I convinced myself that it’s not worth giving up my favorite food. More importantly, I convinced myself that I’m happy with my body. I wasn’t thinking about it day in and day out, it was very subtle.

It was thoughts that came and went in a split second, because I was so good at covering up the truth behind it.

When I faced the truth, I couldn’t deny that it doesn’t make me happy to not fit into certain clothes. It doesn’t make me happy to feel self conscious when it happens. And it doesn’t make me happy to walk into my closet and feel like I don’t have anything to wear.

I have to own up to that fact that I’m on this diet because I need to lose weight. It took me a few days to adjust to it, because there was shame that came with it. But I’ve learned that whenever there’s a discomfort, that’s where I have to push myself to go.

The discomfort is usually where the truth is, where we don’t want to go.

Going into the discomfort and pushing through the truth will truly set you free, free from your own BS.

This was just one recent example of where I have not been authentic with myself, and my body suffers. It took up mental space that could be used to pursue other things I want in life, but I made it unavailable. In order to truly be yourself and create a life your love, it starts with being honest and authentic with yourself.

Where can you be more truthful, more honest, and more authentic with yourself?

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